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February 13, 2013


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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 2:39 PM
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Hello all, and happy Valentine's Day! :blowkiss:

For the past few months, I've been doing features in a way that forces me to check my messages more often, as a way to prevent them from piling up as they do (ex: Here). It's been very effective, let me tell you! ;) As a result, it has been some time since my last feature and I'd like to do another but have absolutely no deviation messages for my normal methods! I've chosen instead to look at the deviations I've already faved :nod:

For unknown reasons, I have different categories under which I place my faves. This feature will summarize my activity with several of my folders over the past few weeks.

I have decided to choose the 10 most recent favorites in each folder! Brilliant, no? It's just as good as my feature out of 1500 ;) Also, I've tried to skip over repeats as I sometimes drop the same deviation into several folders... don't ask why :crazy: Let's get cracking!!

I have separated my selections by "category" for ease of viewing.

Architecture and Design: this section is almost completely taken up by architecture and photos, but sometimes gets some general design elements thrown in the mix.

Westminster's 2 by Magdyas Ortakoy again by Magdyas Memories of the Future by Val-Faustino Miniaturk 4 by Magdyas
Notre-Dame de Paris by Lyczka Havezate Mensinge by Oer-Wout miasteczko by damianparlicki Old shipyard by vpotemkin
Stairs by Lupardus-lu tiled wall by feldrand

Characters and Figures: the title speaks for itself. Anything featuring one or several people or pronounce creatures/characters.

In the Eyes of the Inhuman by JaniceDuke Cease Fire by TitusBoy25 :thumb351729778: Dota Copy by pandumahardika
Rainy Day by SoybeanCrayon :thumb334610161: Adele by ivoryracho Exodus by gyaban
Spirit of the Darks by EmberRoseArt :thumb319740989:

Funny and Cute: Anything I find humorous, adorable, or a combination of the two can be found in this folder. Please don't judge my sense or humor, I get that everyone's different and so should you... ;P

Chris Hart - Baby Dragon by Christopher-Hart Willard by robhas1left :thumb135544451:
Hans Holbein - HolBean The Panty Scandle by RodneyPike Lazy Cat by Pajunen Snow pea amigurumi (Plants vs Zombies) by Initta ALIENS by IMNIUM
starlet Owl by kiriOkami Mother owl and children by mjdaluz

Epic: this is a more vaguely titled folder, but I like to think that what I put in here is of excellent quality or leaves me feeling that there is a larger story behind the work.

RE:BIRTH by grohsARTig Glaurung by Kontrapunktus Alfenheim Overlook by whatzitoya
Qilin - PD Contest - Breath of life by Yokufo MtG: Gift of Orzhova by algenpfleger life god by yefumm SUMMON THE GARDENERS by alexiuss
Tower of evil by yangxueguo DO NOT BE CONCERNED by alexiuss

Eyes: I like eyes... :eye:v:eye:

Far From The Sun by Pixx-73 Unique Eyes by Boksnille Wind`s Fiancee by montiljo Moth by BenjiiBen
Watcher steampunk locket and ear wrap set by bodaszilvia Close of Hunter by sinsenor mommy? by wolf-minori :thumb349190722:
Daydreaming by BenjiiBen Sully by InuHalfDemon

Fractals and such: fractals and things that remind me of fractals. Sometimes I'll throw in a picture I like that just reminds me of a fractal and some Deviant will get all booty-hurt about it. C'mon guys, it's Fractals and SUCH! I can throw a pine cone in there if I want! :tantrum:

Bent and curved by Antares2 Sunset on Fractalus by psion005 FiddleHeads by timemit Andromeda by Argothar
Posolon by Ace0fredspades Dark Vision by Tahyon Soulis: Metallica VIII by soulis0 Use of B by SuicideBySafetyPin
Forever by blkcat13 Corrosion by SuicideBySafetyPin

Unique: there are some pics I like but don't really know why. Also, there are some pics I really like but don't know how to categorize. Also, I get lazy and this is a convenient folder :D

Ocean Resurrection by rsiphotography Sunshine ear wrap by bodaszilvia :thumb353236599: Castle in the Sky by TrollGirl
Tree Sofa Borghese (1) by 1zmim Burn by Kilo7391 :thumb352566102: Fallen city by TaiGyoza
The Grim by Elssence Shattered by Erika-Farkas

Natural and Unnatural: this is another folder people have had trouble with in the past. I put anything with the semblance of nature OR things that mimic nature in an unnatural way. Seriously, I'm not calling a photo of a pretty tree fake just by putting it in this folder! lol

:thumb353698130: Hay Bundles by Wulff-Arts Love by AnnMarieBone Connected by JakobHansson
The Gorge by Febo-theRealOne snowy day-4 by farzanehlphl Mui Ne Dunes II by comsic Two In The Reeds. by andy-j-s
Harvest Moon Owls. by leelastarsky Waters Mist by HeatherWaller-Rivet

Psych. Surreal or Optical: Anything that falls under psychedelic, surreal, optical illusions, abstract, geometry, etc. can find its way into this folder. :eyepopping:

:thumb354059126: Eye of the dreamer by Blastermind Mandala Pratibhasika Satya by TravisAitch Fishee by TheRedRite
flowers inside acid by B1ackRain 118 by Nasosov Girl with cello by TomaszLange Spyros Movie by Hop41
Tower city by keldrane Connecctions by Harrisons-Forge

Spherical: I like spheres... and roundness. It's so symmetrical! :D

Another Reality render test by lupusquack Warehouse Trio by kuzy62 Apotheosis by globalpuffer :thumb345534945:
Sphere Series IX by xxtjxx Distortion by GrahamSym Sphere by Mortal-Cyn Caldera by Jason-C
magic of Christmas by DarraChese Automatic Meditation by kuzy62


And that's it! I'm done! I do have a few folders left, but I feel like this entry is getting pretty long so I'll cut it off here. ;) Thanks to all my watchers and friends for faving and viewing my work. It is greatly appreciated! :heart::heart:


Hi, I'm MeaganEmerson formerly known as *Nura-Kinekaomi. Thanks very much for stopping by!!
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